Google Assistant Command Via Written Text Hinted In Beta Build, Google Search Easier With Swiping Gestures [VIDEO]


The Google Assistant may now be able to receive instructions not just through voice commands, but also through the written text as hinted by a code included in the latest beta build by Google. The same code also hints at new "search gestures" that suggest a swiping down from the home screen to make Google search inquiries instead of the reach up and tap.

Google Assistant Via Written Command

The Google Assistant may now be instructed via a written text and not just through a voice command. Google's beta application includes the ability to talk to the Google Assistant on the Google Pixel, 9to5Google has learned.

The new feature is not akin to the Google Allo in using a test-like communication system. Moreover, the keyboard icon in the beta build reveals that the bots may now be fully embraced by the Google Assistant. It also now accepts commands by typing in the instructions.

Google Assistant to Wear 2.0

Also in the beta application is Google's continuous effort to bring the Google Assistant on Android Wear. However, observers warn that Google often include unused codes in its applications, but the new features are logical solutions that Google will not likely abandoned. This means there is a good chance that it will be available for primetime soon, according to Engadget.

Google "Search Gestures" Code

The most interesting feature in the new code is not only the Modified Google Assistant, but also A Google search made easy by swiping down from the home screen instead of reaching up and tapping on the search bar. Large phones or tablets users often experienced difficulty in making searches since the search bar is on the top part of the screen, making the referenced "search gestures" not only a logical solution but also a practical one.

Consumers are hoping that the code hints will be released anytime soon although tech experts speculate that it may take months before the new features are ready for primetime. Meanwhile, the latest Google beta 6.10.apk file is now available for download.

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