CES 2017 Will Showcase Mixed Realities And Other Science Fiction-Like Technology

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The Consumer Electronic Show is held every year introducing new and innovative products even before they hit the market. This year's CES 2017 will have an interesting mix from mixed realities to levitating house appliances.


Although wearables did not fly high as it was expected in 2016, it has its moments. Apple Watch was a disappointment despite the Pokemon GO integration but Fitbit became a favorite. This year, Juniper Research, an organization that tracks consumer technology trends, said that wearables will make a comeback, especially medical-device wearables. In fact, 82 companies will vie to gain dominance in this area during the CES 2017.

Driverless Cars

Major car companies will vie for dominance as they race for who will have the best when it comes to autonomous driving. The biggest attention-getter this year, however, is the newcomer Faraday Future which boasted of 'extreme' technology whatever that means. Another surprise is BlackBerry, which announced its plan to open a center dedicated to autonomous technology.

Mixed Realities

Virtual reality made a splash in 2016 with various VR headsets. However, different issues and problems made people think twice in investing VR-related tech. In 2017, there will be at least 70 companies who will present their VR technology. Moreover, there will be an influx of mixed reality technology as well. There are predictions that AR might fare well than VR in 2017 because mixed-reality headsets do not use technology to escape reality but rather, it enhances reality - the most classic example is Pokemon GO.

Internet of Things

One consumer electronic product that clearly describes how the Internet of Things will dominate the future and make life easier is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. It is equipped with cameras which allows you to see your food inside your refrigerator using your phone. That means yu can check your food while shopping and see if you miss anything. But just in case you don't want to get out of your house, it has a shopping app which lets you shop directly from your fridge.

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