Steam Gaming Revolution: Steam Client Update Enables Customization Support; New Beta Lets Xbox One/360 Controller Work In Any Game [VIDEO]


Steam is making PC Gaming easier to play with its latest Client update. The Steam Client update is now on Beta providing customization support on Xbox One and 360 Controllers. In addition, Valve's Compatibility update, which is now part of Steam Beta-branch, adds Configurator support for generic X-Input controllers. Meaning many features that was previously reserved only for Steam Controllers will also be accessible several generic joysticks, gamepads et al.

The Stream Client update grants Microsoft-licensed accessories an access the applications advance mapping system, according to Digital Trends. Meanwhile, Steam started these efforts last year with its own Steam Controller having authorized integration. This feature allows users to tailor their controllers to match up their preferred game. Since then, Steam has expanded this feature to Sony's DualShock 4 and now it arrives to Xbox One and Xbox 360.

However, to access Xbox controller Configurator is not yet accessible in Steam public built. In order to enjoy the feature, Xbox One and Xbox 360 must opt into the Steam beta client, MS Power User added.

Steam Client Update Activation

First, go to the "Account" tab in Steam's user settings. Secondly, Xbox Controller users must click on the "Change" icon found in the "Beta participation" from the drop-down menu in order to secure beta client access. Meanwhile, generic controller users need to take extra options to secure the same Steam beta client access to enable controller customization. First they have to go through "Controller Settings." Then click on individual game titles to directed to "Controller Configuration" located under "Manage Game" option.

Added features will also arrive with the update like the additional option of disabling the Guide Button that results to Steam focus change. This is obtainable through the Big Picture controller options menu. There will also be an added Single Button simple button mode for track pads.

Valve has not confirmed the official launch for its Steam Controller Configurator compatibility. However, considering Valve launch schedule it could be released sometime next month.

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