Apple Watch Series 3 Launching In Fall 2017 Comes With Two Major Improvements Including Design [Video]

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A report from a Chinese news website said that Apple gave the contract to Taiwan-based Quanta to manufacture the Apple Watch Series 3. It is speculated that the Apple Watch might be launched in the Fall of 2017.

"Apple Watch" improvements

Though the overall look of the Apple Watch may not be much different, major improvements are said to be the focus of the coming third generation Apple Watch, specifically on two key areas: better performance and battery life. According to PC Advisor, there are speculations that Apple might employ what it called a 'micro-LED' screen to prolong its charge to have the unit last more days between charges.

Apple Watch since its release has always suffered from battery life issues, therefore, any improvements to address this issue is a welcome change. The Apple Watch Series 2 battery generally lasts around 2 days, Digital Trends reported, and they speculate that if Apple is bent on improving battery life, it might follow that Apple might also introduce new features that could as well put a bigger drain on the battery.

"Apple Watch" possible future design aesthetics

One aspect of the Apple watch aside from battery life and performance is the way it looks. Aesthetics for the iPhone usually refreshes its enclosure once every two years. Seeing minor changes as compared to the iPhone has over the years, it would be safe to surmise nothing radical will change the Apple watch's current design, aside from, maybe, offering a bigger screen in future models.

There are reports, however, of an Apple patent for multi-function straps. There is even a mention of a 'Magnetic Strap.' In late November last year, a pair of Apple patent filings was published regarding the creation of a round-faced Apple Watch. The patent filings indicated for an electronic device having a display with curved edges.

Notably, a circular watch display patent application was filed Dec. 2015 citing Chin-Wei Lin, Zhen Zhang, Shih Chang Chang, and Sang Ha Kim as its inventors. A subsequently revised filing in January this year credits Yu Cheng Chen, Tsung-Ting Tsai, and Shih Chang Chang as inventors.

Also in late December, another patent leaked revealing the next Apple Watch iteration might be thinner with tech-boosted wristbands to boot. It would be exciting if any of these will come into light come September this year, and probably, it might boost sales of the declining smartwatch market.

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