Homicide Ruled out in Yale English Professor's Death In Jail (UPDATE)


No homicidal evidence was found on the death of Samuel See, a 34-year-old assistant English professor at the Yale University, who died under mysterious circumstances at the Union Avenue Detention Facility.

An unnamed source, who was present at the scene that morning, told the New Haven Independent that when the marshals found the body, See's arm was hanging off the bunk at an abnormal angle.

"I spoke to the marshals. They honestly didn't have any idea why this guy had died. They found him on his bunk," the source said.

According to the source, there was no obvious sign of physical abuse or suicide on the body of the UCLA grad. See had a cut to his forehead that was treated at a local hospital on Saturday itself.

"(The marshals) are not the kind of people who would beat anybody up," the source said. "Marshals do the rounds every 15 minutes. I can vouch for the marshals; they're a pretty harmless group of people. They're not the kind of people who would beat anybody up. I have never seen them anybody abusing anyone. At most if anyone is being rowdy, they'll do their best to ignore him. They'll let him pound on the bars for an hour until he gets tired.

The medical examiner hasn't yet revealed the cause of his death.

Connecticut State judicial marshals discovered See's lifeless body on a bunk in a New Haven jail cell on Sunday morning, the day after he was arrested. On Saturday, the New Haven police handcuffed See after he attacked a cop who was investigating a domestic dispute at his home.

See's 32-year-old estranged husband, Sunder Ganglani, who was also charged in the domestic incident, became emotional upon learning about his partner's death.

"(He was) all broken up. He was a wreck, really upset," the source said.

This is not the first time; the recently married couple have encountered problems. See and Ganglani were both charged with misdemeanor assault and breach of peace in a Sept. 18 incident. Both had restraining orders against each other.

See was an admired teacher, and considered a brilliant writer and genius in academia. He had apparently taken unplanned leave of absence this fall after planning to teach two courses, according to Yale Alumina Magazine.

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