How to Use a Japanese PSN Account on PS Vita Without Losing Data [Video]


The good news about the Sony PS Vita is that it is region free that allows it to play games from any region. A PS Vita owner need not wait for the games they want to be localized if they know how to do it.

The PS3 and PS4 had it easy swapping PSN accounts on the fly. PS Vita would require a bit of work for this to be accomplished. Basically, a PS Vita owner cannot just use a Japanese PSN account at the same time on the same machine, DualShockers reported.

There are ways for a PS Vita owner to change accounts quickly without losing any data of the user's usual account. It takes a little more work that what can be done on the PS4, but it is doable. The first thing to do is get a Japanese PSN account. The process is quite lengthy but with patience, you will be able to enjoy the full library that is not normally easily available in the West. You may follow the detailed guide how to get and maintain a Japanese PSN here.

Once a Japanese PSN is acquired, there are other necessary steps before one can explore the Japanese libraries of games. According to Kotaku, though the process is easy, it is not as simple as logging into a Japanese PSN account and downloading game content from there. The second thing to do is reset the PS Vita to the Japanese region.

Steps and things you need

A PS Vita, A Vita memory Card, a wireless internet connection, The Vita's USB/charging cable.

1] Get a Japanese PSN account (details on the links above) sign-up is free.

2] Back-up the PS Vita. It would be best using a separate Vita memory card to use with the Japanese VPN.

3] Change the PS Vita region settings to Japan. Follow instructions here.

4] Format the PS Vita Memory Card.

The instructions are clear-cut and easy to follow. The PS Vita user can actually go back to their original PSN account by following nos. either 2 or 3 or just restore the PS Vita to its original factory setting and insert the other PS Vita memory card with the original PSN settings.

For a visual instruction on how to do this process, see the video below.

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