Revisiting 'The Pursuit Of Happyness' With Chris Gardner's 4 Success Lessons


Who could forget the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" as it explains the stark reality of life between social classes? Yet, Chris Gardner from whose life the movie was based on was able to beat the insurmountable odds that have been thrown at him. With determination and perseverance, he was able to beat the insurmountable odds against him and become a millionaire. Here are four more lessons from Gardner's life.

Everyone is born with a unique ability

The abilities and skills you have might not be considered extraordinary by a lot of people but the fact is, you have an ability. More so, you can do something with that ability you have but the question is how would you keep that ability to work for you. In the movie, Gardner did not have any skills of a salesman but he was big on determination and perseverance. He used them and became much better than his colleagues who have better sales skills than he had.

Be a constant learner

Almost all successful people, especially billionaires, have a thirst for learning. When you learn something new, you move forward. Gardner added that along with the learning, there should also be adaptability. You have to adapt to the new thing you have just learned. Then, you can truly move forward and toward success.

Be the best

Great talent is nothing if you cannot do it excellently. Gardner recalled that the fuel to always do his best and dream big came from his mother. His mother was a very passionate teacher with a natural skill to teach. However, she had to give up that dream when she found herself abandoned with 12 children. Despite abandoning her won dreams, she did not let the dreams of her children die and continued to encourage and motivate them to keep pushing.

Protect your dream

How many people have great dreams but ended up abandoning them at the first sign of difficulty and challenge. It isn't enough to have a dream but you have to protect that dream no matter how tough the going gets. In the movie, we saw Gardner in situations that would make another person give up and just accept whatever comes his way. However, he refused to do it and he was able to get it.

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