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‘The 100’ Season 4 Trailer Hints: ALIE’s Consciousness Survives, Clarke Leads, Grounders Reign [REPORT]; Release, New & Returning Cast


"The 100" season 4 trailer reveals load of information on what viewers may expect in the coming season. These may include the chance of ALIE's consciousness surviving, Clarke's brand of leading, the Grounders dominating this season. Moreover, season 4 now has an air date on Feb. 1 at CW following the "Arrow" with confirmation of old casts returning and new additions as series regulars.

"The 100" Season 4 Trailer

"The 100" Season 3 ending saw Clarke pulling the plug of the City of Light leading to the demise of ALIE. However, "The 100" Season 4 trailer reveals drones that were chasing Miller, Raven and others from the Arkadia Clan, leaving a telltale clue that ALIE may have survived since its consciousness has been transferred to a part of the Ark.

Clarke is now fully embracing her new role of being a leader, giving speeches and allying with the Grounders, much to the dismay of Monty who accuses Clarke of using the same old justification of doing things for "my people" according to Den of Geek. Moreover, the Grounders may be featured more on "The 100" Season 4 training Octavia as assassin and getting more affected with radiation as compared to the more exposed and possibly immune Sky people.

Season 3 revealed that the Earth will face a nuclear meltdown leaving 96 percent of the planet's surface uninhabitable and bringing havoc to the clans through pre-cancerous lesions, Black Rain and lack of drinkable water. The clans are put to the test, struggling first to survive before finding their humanity according to the Variety.

"The 100" Season 4 Casts

Showrunner Jason Rothenberg at the San Diego Comic Con announced new addition like recurring character of Ilan (Chai Romruen) joining "The 100" Season 4 cast. Also promoted to series regular is Roan (Zach McGowan) who is set on using Octavia for his own purposes.

Returning cast of "The 100" Season 4 includes Clarke (Eliza Taylor), Bellamy (Bob Morley), Jasper (Devon Bostick), Jaha (Isiah Washington), Kane (Henry Ian Cusick), Abby (Paige Turco), Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), Raven (Lindsey Morgan), and Murphy (Richard Harmon). "The 100" season 4 airs on Feb. 1, 2017 at 9 p.m. on CW just after the "Arrow."

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