'GTA 5 Online': News & Update: Latest GTA 5 Update Introduces Amazing News, New Bike And Mode


The online mode for Rockstar Games' open world action-adventure game, "GTA 5 Online, " is about to get some big update early this new year. The latest update has been made available to all existing "GTA 5" players.

To kick off 2017, the "GTA 5" developers have decided to release a new bike and mode for "GTA 5 Online." According to GameSpot, Rockstar Games has introduced a new bike, the stylish Pegassi FCR 1000, which beefs up the lineup of its two-wheeled vehicles.

Although the FCR 1000 isn't the kind of record breaker machine, it has immediately won the GTA community over. This retro classic bike offers a wide range of customization options, allowing players to craft anything from a classic WWII style bike to a fearsome-looking café-racer. Once upgraded, the bike can be used to win races, but winning the races will also depend on the track and not just experienced riders.

Rockstar Games also brought a new Adversary Mode called Vehicle Vendetta, a vehicle-focused mode in which GTA teams compete for powerups spread across the maps. This kind of adversary mode is set up as a vehicle team deathmatch with a number of neat power-ups thrown into the mix. The full details about Vehicle Vendetta can be read at GameSpot.

Additionally, Vehicle Vendetta is the subject of a Double GTA$ and RP promotion, which said to run through January 17. This is a very long campaign by Rockstar and the developer has confirmed that it won't getting any new Adversary Modes up until the end date at the very least.

Starting on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, all 27 of the Rockstar-developed Stunt races will pay out extra. The new Premium Race is Racing Alley, which said to pay out triple RP.

In addition to the new adversary mode, "GTA 5 Online" also received another update, the Import/Export pack. This update, which now made available for all platforms, deal with the stealing of exotic and high-end supercars in the game.

According to Latin Post, the new Import/Export DLC Pack is an expansion of the 'Adventures of Finance and felony' series of online missions, which include a host of new criminal activities.

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