Top 5 Android Smartphones Biggest Upset Of 2016 - Tech Failures, Company Demise And More

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

1.       Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7 launch is the biggest headliner for Samsung. However, the headline is not about its advance technology but its failure to deliver a safe and quality product. Samsung Note 7 began overheating and even exploding. Due to dozens of reported cases, about 2.5 million Note 7 phones that have been produced in the market were recalled. After Samsung conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue the production of Note 7 has been stopped, Forbes reported.

2.       Android Encryption Fails

There was a time in 2016 when Android users' privacy was put to risk. Android system's full-disk encryption got easier to defeat on devices that use Qualcomm chips. This was discovered by an Independent Israeli Researcher Gal Beniamini. He posted his finding in a blog post and revealed several methods to extract crypto keys off from a locked handset. Those methods include publicly accessible attack code that works against an estimated 37 percent of users, Ars Technica reported.

3.       Samsung Galaxy A7 Active Water Test Fail

Remember when Consumer Reports conducted a water immersion test with Galaxy A7 Active and the Samsung phone failed to live up to its promise - water resistant phone that can last under five feet of water for about 30 minutes. Samsung said that its phone follows an engineering standard called IP68 that covers both dust- and water-resistance.

Galaxy A7 Active ended up without a recommendation from the testing body.

4.       Blackberry's Crumbles To Produce Android Gameplayer

BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted to a press conference that his company is having a make-or-break move in android production. As of this writing, Blackberry is reportedly developing BlackBerry DTEK70/Mercury. This will be the last android phone the company could be making since it has suffered much loss financially.

5.       Microsoft's Failed Plan To Resurrect Nokia

This Microsoft-Nokia upset centered on the unemployment caused by Microsoft's decision to seal the fate of its failed Nokia acquisition. The company announced to cut 1,850 jobs, mostly in Finland, and take on $950 million in reorganization charges, Information Week wrote.


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