Apple News: Apple Likely To Have Rough 2017 Start


Last year was not so good for Apple after the company faced different challenges and controversies -- from their iPhones to the MacBook -- and based on recent reports, 2017 will be another tough year for the company.

Apple's performace last year was disappointing, especially with the iPhone 7 due to its lack of new features and the company didn't meet customer expectations. However, Apple did try to make it up by coming up with new exciting updates.

Many expect Apple to rebound this year and users look forward to new Apple iPhone products as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. For its part, Apple has been trying to bring its glory days back after features of the iPhone leaked.  The new features are expected to be released this year.

In The Nikkei report, however, it said that Apple will cut down its iPhone productions by 10 percent from January to March, which is similar to what they did during the first quarter of 2016. The Nikkei report was based on calculated data provided by the suppliers and the low global sales figure of both iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are what prompted the company to trim down its iPhone productions.

The dropping sales of the latest iPhone models may not be easily seen because its market performace remains relatively strong when compared to its competitors. But if one looks deeper into Apple's sales using  its sales and production in previous years then there is a big difference. If iPhone sales continues to drop, it will be felt all throughout the company because its smartphone line has been known to be Apple's financial engine, according to Forbes.

The biggest challenge for Apple this year is how it can ensure that their new line of iPhones will bring the company back on track.

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