Galaxy Note 8 Packed With Samsung's New AI System, Iris Scanner, Snapdragon 830; Tapped LG Services To Create Safer Batteries


Galaxy Note 8 release is reportedly pushed back to a later date next year. The reason is Samsung's closed monitoring of the next generation phablet to prevent the same complications made in Galaxy Note 7 and the integration of powerful features to redeem its losses.

Galaxy Note 8's AI Virtual Apps

Samsung has been devoted in attracting back its customers' trust after the Galaxy Note 7 mishap. For this reason, Samsung AI will be introduced to its customers in their next line of smartphones. This Virtual Assistant allows Samsung to personal be at service to their customers. Less information has been released about the new AI system but reports suggest that it will more likely act like Apple's Siri. However, Samsung prototype is considered better as it not only integrates with the smartphone but also with home appliances, personal gadgets, and wearable gears. Galaxy Note 8's Ai system also can create its own programs to handle tasks and comprehend users' queries in a better way.

Galaxy Note 8's LG-powered batteries

Samsung has been in several meetings and negotiations with LG, another Korean Tech powerhouse, to lend their services in creating the nest batteries to power the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. According to Value Walk, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 4K resolution display. This feature makes the future Note 8 a powerful handset which commands for a powerful battery to run.

Galaxy Note 8 Specs

  • 6GB of RAM
  • Snapdragon 830
  • With 3.2 GHz Octacore Power
  • With alternative Exynos 8895 Anastasia
  • Stylus Pen Support with Speakers
  • Iris Scanner
  • 30 mega-pixel camera

Galaxy S8

Meanwhile, another Samsung phone will be launched this year dubbed as Galaxy S8. This S series phone will be launched this April 2017 in New York, Naver News reported.


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