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How To Survive The Year With No Alcohol and Resist Peer Pressure To Drink


The holiday season might have gotten you indulged in one too many bottles of beer or glasses of wine from so many Christmas parties. Now that 2017 is upon us, it's time to reflect on becoming healthy in the forthcoming year.

One of the things that might be on your list is sticking to dry January or resisting the temptation to drink, though it's a difficult battle to win. This is especially true when we spend time with people who engage in a lot of alcohol drinking spree.

It can be quite a challenge but here's how you can resist the pressure to drink in social situations.

Expect peer pressure

According to the article written by Professor Simon Lenton, director of the national drug research institute at Curtin University in Perth, and cited by the DailyMail, your friends are always expected to pressure you especially when they find out about your efforts to control your drinking so this should no longer come as a surprise. They are not intentionally trying to undermine your intentions and efforts.

Be ready with a response

If ever you get yourself into that specific social situation, you should already be ready with a response. You can probably say that you are under a medication so that you can't be forced to drink.

Remember your reasons

Always go back to your reasons on why you want to cut down on drinking. This will play a significant part in your motivation to resist the pressure to drink.

Reach out for support

January is usually the best time for people to start making changes to improve their lives in. Surely, there are people who have the same advocacy as yours so you can try to look who these people are and reach out to them for support, according to Huffington Post. If you cannot find any of these people from your own friends or family members, there are some online groups where you can check in every now and then so you can get the support and encouragement you need.

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