Google Pixel XL & OnePlus 3T: Which High-end Phone Won’t Break Your Bank While Enjoying The Latest and Greatest


Practicality sets in the way when choosing a Google Pixel XL or OnePlus 3T as one is expensive and the other one is cheaper but both are a perfect match and got the same latest and greatest chipset, battery capacities, aluminum bodies and even have the same 5.5-inch AMOLEDs. Though both have enjoyed numerous similar specs and features, reports claimed that there are aspects where some difference in class can be observed.

Starting off with the display, OnePlus 3T displays resolution in FullHD, while Pixel XLsports a VR-suitable QHD panel. GS Marena reported that though 3T is still sporting on the old Marshmallow, an update is already in the works. Google's phone on the other hand is running the latest Android 7.1 Nougat but 3T is superior as it employs a 6GB of RAM versus 4GB, when it comes to storage it has a 64GB base storage compared to Pixel XL, which only has half of 3Ts storage.

Camera wise, 3T wins as it boasts its 16MP primary camera with OIS versus Pixel XL's 12.3 MP, with no OIS. The former also has a 16MP selfie shooter while the latter only implores half. When it comes to performance, both phones are powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset, only the 3T version with the higher-clcoked CPU-2.35GHz versus Pixel XL's 2.15GHz.

The source further reported that 3Ts higher clock rate gives the OnePlus 3T as significant advantage in CPU benchmarks. OnePlus 3T even manages to edge ahead of the Pixel XL by the odd frame in the offscreen tests. In the onscreen tests rendered at the devices' respective resolutions, 3T's framerates are virtually double the Pixel's.

Sources added that with Pixel XL running the latest Android version it also carries a promise for timely updates and comes with unlimited photo and video storage, however, the phone is expensive with a big price difference with OnePlus 3T. PC advisor reported that both have Snapdragon 821 processor, premium design and large battery, going into the cheaper phone also gets the buyer more storage and RAM, a Quad HD screen, better rear camera, and above all the user definitely have a flagship killer on hand.

The two phones are winners in their own right; it is however the preference of the buyer that matters most in deciding which of these phones satisfies more his or her needs.

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