Tesla’s New Auto-Pilot Radar Technology Detected Collision Before Driver Did; Breakthrough Technology To Keep Roads Safer [VIDEO]


Tesla's latest auto-pilot technology was able to detect a car collision and give warning seconds earlier long before the driver was able to detect the mishap. This breakthrough technology promised to keep roads safer and a video captured of a car collision in the Netherlands shows the accuracy of Tesla's radar.

Last September, Tesla rolled out its version of the 8.0 software update that featured the latest Tesla radar processing technology. The software was distributed over-the-air to all cars with the first generation autopilot hardware.

The radar is able to track 2 cars in front of the Tesla Model S or X and able to see where drivers cannot since the car ahead often obstructs the view to the next car. Tesla's radar can bounce underneath and around the cars, providing a much accurate perspective.

A couple of months ago, Tesla's radar was believed to be useful in situations that can be potentially dangerous and a video captured by a driver in Netherlands of a road collision supports this claim, according to Electrek. Frank Van Hoesel, a Tesla driver, who was nearly hit by the said road collision posted a video that can be viewed below.

The video clearly showed from the dashcam view, how a red car was swerving to the other lane and caught the right bumper of the Black SUV in front of it. The SUV rolled over after being hit, but Dutch driver Hans Noordsij, who first reported the video on Twitter claimed that all involved in the accident turned out to be fine, according to Mercury News.

It should be noted that Tesla's radar made a warning alert sound second before the actual collision, meaning it was able to detect the path plan of the car and predicted accurately a collision. Moreover, the Tesla car's autopilot put on the brakes long before the driver detected the road mishap.

Evidently, Tesla's radar has huge potential in contributing to road safety, making Tesla CEO Elon Musk excited and impressed that he retweeted the video. This piece of news may vindicate Tesla's self-driving cars especially after a Tesla driver has died when the car was on auto-pilot.

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