'Blue Exorcist' Season 2 Latest Update: Streaming Now Made Easier As Amazon Launches Anime Channel [VIDEO]


The year has just started and avid anime fans are getting ecstatic as they are being served with a great line of anime series coming this year, especially after learning that their favorite "Blue Exorcist" is returning. It has been almost a decade long since the first season of the "Blue Exorcist" concluded and that is why fans are thrilled to see the season 2, as it is now easier to stream with the help of the new anime channel.

There is so much to look forward to the "Blue Exorcist" season 2 but waiting could spoil the excitement but that seems to have been taken cared of. While there are other options to watch the highly-anticipated anime series like streaming from the Hulu site, Amazon has something better to offer to the avid fans of the said anime series.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has just created a curated subscription that features Anime Strike with the programs selected by Amazon for $4.99 per month. The anime channel offers 1000 movies and TV episodes which includes the much awaited "Blue Exorcist" season 2. The anime channel also include the "Great Passage," "Scum's Wish," and "Tokyo Godfathers," and other anime titles. Amazon's new service will allow the "Blue Exorcist" fans to watch the series on the same day that it airs in Japan.

The story of the upcoming season of the "Blue Exorcist" is based on the manga series titled "Kyoto Saga." The first season is about Rin who rebels against the devil after finding out he is the son of Satan, ComicBook reported. In order to succeed in his battle, he went to enroll at the True Cross Academy hiding his true identity to train and become an exorcist because he wanted so bad to defend the world against Satan.

However, after his classmates discovered his true identity, they all kept distance from him. The saga started after realizing that the left eye of the Impure King was stolen, and so the whole academy went on high alert. Don't be left behind, so its about time to get the Amazon Anime channel subscription.

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