Galaxy Note 7 Road To Extinction: T-Mobile Finally Kills Samsung's Device


Following the plagued of Galaxy Note 7's major battery problems that caused units to overheat and catch fire, it is now safe to say that the device is on its way to extinction after T-Mobile pushed an update that kills and prevents the phone battery from charging thus rendering it unusable.

T-Mobile is the first major carrier to push the Galaxy Note 7-killing update to remaining Galaxy Note 7 headsets, CNET reported. The update hinders the device the ability to charge, and once updated it displays on-screen notification about the recall with instructions for returning the phone.

The unprecedented step of deciding to finally kill Samsung Galaxy Note 7 came after news and information circulating that about 7% of the Note 7 devices sold in the United States is still in use two weeks ago despite continued efforts from Samsung to recall the devices. Fortune reported that T-Mobile tmus and Samsung believe that the decision to issue a killer update could put a stop on the many dozens of incidents of batteries exploding, smoking, or catching fire.

Other carriers of this update include AT&T, Verizon & Sprint, which will also be sending out updates in the coming weeks. The move is described as the grand finale of the exploding phone debacle that began a massive recall in September.

According to Samsung, most users have already exchanged their phones and bout 93% of Note 7 devices have been returned in the U. S., CNN reported. Additional reports also said that the company has also limited the Note 7 battery charging in Canada disabling connectivity to any Canadian mobile network.

Now that Note 7 is trailing its way to extinction, we can expect that Samsung will definitely try to win again the consumers' trust by creating safer and battery problem-free mobile devices in the coming days.

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