Dark Souls 3 News & Update: Dark Souls Still Dark On Nintendo Switch Launch Titles, May Come But Not Sure, Dark Souls To Get Serious On AI


Bandai Namco, the publisher of the action-packed RPG Dark Souls 3," is getting more serious about artificial intelligence. The Japanese video game publisher on Monday announced that it will invest a small, undisclosed amount to an AI startup whose algorithms have defeated several professional players.

Bandai Namco, the company behind the action RPG "Dark Souls" and "Tekken," has teamed up with a board game artificial intelligence startup, investing in AI technology that could aid its video game development.

According to Engadget, the Japanese company has invested a small, undisclosed amount in AI startup Heroz, who employs an expert in AI field and has algorithms for shogi (Japanese chess) that defeated several professional players in public matches.

Bandai Namco To Use AI Tech For Future Game Development, Possibly In The Dark Souls 4
Bandai Namco has been betting hard on AI for its future game development. The company is hoping to tap into the startup's AI know how to improve its non-playing character behavior in future game development.

According to some AI expert, Bandai Namco could tap into the startup's AI tech and use that to create game characters that could behave and even think like humans. Other potential applications of the acquired AI technology include finding flaws and holes in game development.

Dark Souls 3 Still Dark On Nintendo Switch, May Come But Not Sure
Digital Trends has previously reported about "Dark Souls 3" getting into Nintendo Switch's upcoming launch titles. According to Digital Trends, the gaming port has been in development for several months through a small development team.Unfortunately, "Dark Souls 3" is still not sure for the Nintendo Switch at this point, as the game developer wants to make sure there is a large enough install base to decide on such massive high-risk game project.

Bandai Namco is said to employ some wait and see the strategy here before committing its "precious title" to the upcoming game console. But if "Dark Souls 3" find its way to the upcoming gaming console Nintendo Switch, it will likely ship with all downloadable content already included, according to reports.

Published by the Japanese game developer Bandai Namco, "Dark Souls 3" is a third-person action role-playing video game developed for PC, Xbox 360, and PS4. The game, which said to be the fourth installment in the "Dark Souls" series, takes place in a large and continuous open world environment.

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