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A More Stylish ‘Deadpool 2’ Reportedly To Start The Shooting Soon Despite Being Featured By CinemaSins [Video]


"Deadpool's" box office record is proof that fans of the Marvel hero-villain love it and coming out with "Deadpool 2" is a no-brainer. And just when you think it all ends here, it gets even thanks to CinemaSins latest video titled, "Everything Wrong with Deadpool."

However, there have been reports that the filming of "Deadpool 2" may not push through until they find a new director. Tim Miller had left the production team due to creative differences with Ryan Reynolds. Now that they have found a new director, the filming may start in summer of 2017 and is reportedly taking place at the hometown of Reynolds in Vancouver and in British Columbia.

Meanwhile another report surfaces suggesting that the "Deadpool 2" will have two different versions and because the new director wants a more stylish approach to the movie, the budget is said to triple the amount used in the first "Deadpool" movie.

CinemaSins is a YouTube channel that is making a movie related comedy created by Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson. Their most famous videos are "Everyting Wrong with..." where they explore a certain movie and point out the flaws and awarding them one sin for every factual error the movie commits. As for the "Deadpool," it has committed a total of 118 sins throughout the movie.

The CinemaSins video for "Deadpool" pointed out how flawed the plot. CinemaSins also noticed how perfect the timing is Ryan Reynolds' fall into a random garbage truck. Check out the other genuine flaws discussed by CinemaSins like the utter lack of extras in the X-Mansion and Plenty of shade thrown at the main antagonist Ajax, Cinemablend reported.

This isn't the first time someone spit out disappointments because even the main star himself dropped a public charge against the film during an interview although he felt that the film was successful, Comicbook reported.

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