Samsung Gear S4 Smartwatch Strips Off Gear S3’s Bulkiness; It’s Thinner & Energy Efficient


Standing up to the challenge, Samsung has so much up on its sleeves next year. From the recent announcement of Dr. Sung-Hoon Hong, president of Samsung Electronics of its upcoming new Samsung Gear VR3, another Samsung gadget is buzzing online talks -- the Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch.

Since Samsung's announcement last October of mass producing Exynos 7 Dual 7270, the first mobile application processor for wearable devices,  it is being speculated that it will be applied to Gear S4 smartwatch. The processor is the first in its class to feature full connectivity and LTE modem integration. 

The source added that with the implementation of the advanced 14nm finFeet process, SiP (System-in-Package)-ePoP (embedded Package-on-Package), it enables the processor to feature outstanding perfomance and energy efficiency within a compact solution optimized for wearable devices. With that, the result would be slimmer devices and is seen to be applied to Gear S4.

Amidst the Note 7 fiasco, reports cited that next year it will be Samsung's turn to prove to the tech industry that they are still on top of their game in producing quality devices that will power its next generation of wearables and that includes the Gear S4, Wareable reported.

It can be recalled that Samsung's Gear S3 Frontier is packed with tech and would not look out of place on a Bond set, however, its bulkiness and weight are seen to be the device's down fall, Daily Star pointed out. The source added that although Samsung is not a stranger to the smartwatch concept, like any other devices it also figures minor glitches like erratic reading with its heart monitoring feature, and the biggest issue of it all is the watch's size.

Consumers are hoping that with Samsung's upcoming Gear S4 smartwatch it will finally correct Gear S3's huge and rugged styling that reports said only appeals to a limited number of users and definitely not good for a technology that's still trying to win fans.

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