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5 Scary Truths About Creativity


Creativity is defined and measured in many ways but two of the most prevalent definitions are related to turning an idea into a reality and creating original work, especially in art. However, there are some truths about creativity that are real but people are scared to talk about them because they are just so brutal to the point of debunking a lot of myths we thought are real.

There's no such thing as an original idea

Each of our ideas are interesting and can be important. However, calling them as original is simply a lie because there is no such thing as an original idea. No one have said it better than Mark Twain who said that it is impossible for a person to have an original idea. Instead, he said, we just take those old ideas and we keep turning them to create "new combinations."

Inspiration is also a myth

How many times have you told yourself that until you feel inspired to do something, you'll do it. However, even the most brilliant artists and inventors do not believe in inspiration. Edison famously said that in all the things he did, only one percent can be credited to inspiration. Furthermore, famous American writer E.B White said that writing is like mechanic work where he doesn't have to wait for inspiration to grease his car.

All people are creative

Creativity is not exclusive to the artists, musicians, writers, or anyone related to work. Each person has creativity in them but the degree or level is different. Others are just waiting for someone to tap that creativity inside them.

Creativity can be taught

Ever wonder why there is such thing as creative writing or a degree in fine arts and other art-related courses? That's because creativity can be learned. In fact, you can train yourself to be more creative by doing more creative work.

Creativity is hard work

Celebrated author Elizabeth Gilbert said in an interview that part of the creative process involves frustration, insecurity, fear, rejection, and all the negative feelings. So it's okay to feel these things but keep on working because in the end hard work pays off.

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