College Visits Help Students Choose The Best School For Them


Senior high school students often worry about their future, including what to do when they get to college. They normally worry about what school to go, what degree to pursue, and how they will be able to pay for it. Having some help will make it easier for them to decide.

One such help that seniors greatly benefit from in regards to choosing the right college to go to, says Central Christian School student Kalin Coffey, is having college visits. In an article Coffey wrote in the Hutchinson News, she notes that going on multiple college visits gives a college-bound student the opportunity to compare and contrast the schools to think of going to and those that they have never even considered before.

Coffey adds that with college visits, students are given a first-hand "sneak peek" at what kind of campus life a certain college offers. She says that she only discovered the importance of going through multiple visits after going to a second school and finding out that although she never thought of going to that school, it was a better choice than her first.

Alyssa Bartlett, a student who visited WSU, told Coffey that her visit to the school assured her that she was "making the right choice" for her life. Without that visit, she wouldn't have had that confidence in her choice of where to receive higher education from.

Visiting multiple colleges might be time consuming and costly at times, but it does give benefits. Some students might end up in a school they really don't want to be in and want to transfer. For those who are first-generation college students, or those who have parents with no college experience whatsoever, going to different schools will greatly help in motivating the student to pursue higher education, as well as make the right choice that's a fit for them.

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