Innovation: Best Inventions Of 2016 – Part 1


Science has been busy this year. There have been a lot of discoveries in different fields and there have also been a lot of inventions. A series about scientific facts that were proven this year has been previously reported. It's a four-part series which you can check out here, here, here and here.

TIME collated an unranked list of the best inventions of 2016. These are the things that are making the world better, brighter and more exciting.

Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

If you're the type of person who abhors the concept of tying one's shoes, then the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 is perfect for you. With just a press of a button, these self-lacing shoes automatically tighten and loosen around users' feet.

While this may seem like such a first-world problem, this could revolutionize the sports industry. It would also be able to help people who have impaired motor function.

Solar Roof

Tesla and SolarCity have been able to create a series of tiles that can harness the power of the sun and, at the same time, make your house a stylishly modern look. It is expected to be available next year.

In Tesla's official website, the solar roof would catch the sun's energy and store it in a Powerwall battery. There are four styles to choose from which are created with durable, long-lasting tempered-glass.


Morpher is another product that aims to help protect cyclers. Its creator, Jeff Woolf, finally figured out a way to make people wear helmets and, at the same time, make it easier to carry around.

Apparently, one of the reasons why most cyclers don't like wearing helmets is because the traditional helmets are thick and bulky. Morpher is a beautiful mix of strength and flexibility.


Simon Morris has always been interested with objects floating in midair. This is part of the reason why he created Flyte, a levitating lightbulb.

It uses electromagnetism to levitate and spin. For its light, it uses resonant inductive coupling, which is another term for wireless power transmission. He sees it as a blend of science and art.

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