AMD Ryzen Benchmark Results Leaked: Rivals IPC Of Modern Intel CPU; Pricing Still Undisclosed [VIDEO]


The AMD Ryzen has been spotted in a benchmarking site, which indicates that the CPU has a similar Instructions-per-Clock (IPC) with the i7-6900K of Intel and a 50 percent higher performance over its own FX 8370. Moreover, AMD is set to compete head-on with Intel's $1,000 dollars CPU, but with a more attractive price to entice consumers to make the switch to Ryzen.

The benchmark results of the AMD Ryzen CPU were leaked by the CPCHardware, a PC Magazine in France, which has been in operations since 2001. The very first benchmarking for the AMD Ryzen tested an early motherboard used in running older games like "Battlefield 4," "GRID:Autosport" and "Anno 2070."

AMD Ryzen Clock Speed

The engineering sample of the AMD Ryzen has a clock speed of 3.15GHz, complemented with a boost/turbo clock speed of 3.3GHz on all the cores and a maxium turbo boost of 3.5GHz on a single CPU core. AMD promised for the retail version a base speed of 3.4GHz, which indicates an 8 percent performance boost if the boost/turbo clock speeds also get an equal increase, DSOG has learned.

It should be noted that the sample used is clocked at lower speed, explaining why the AMD Ryzen offers reduced performance in games when compared to the i5 CPU of Intel. More likely, the retail version will feature more increased performance and efficiency that could equal Intel's i7-6900K CPU and yield a 50 percent increase in performance over its own FX-8370 according to OC3D.Net.

AMD Ryzen Power Consumption

The AMD Ryzen power consumption is impressive with 93W as against the 138W on the FX 8370 and 96W on Intel's i7-6900K. Moreover, the Ryzen like the Kaby Lake-based 77700K was running at 100C and 300+ cooler with its TIM removed according to TweakTown..

AMD Ryzen Pricing and Release Date

Intel's i7-6900K is currently priced at $1,000 dollars and based on the benchmarking results, the AMD Ryzen shows huge potential in rivaling Intel's modern CPU. Consumers' expectations are set at a price range from $600 to $800 dollars, but AMD has made no official announcement as of yet regarding the price of its newest CPU. The AMD Ryzen is set to be released by early 2017.

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