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5 Habits That Harm Your Life As A College Student


College students are at the crossroads of their lives where their newfound independence allow them to take charge of their lives. Along the way, there will be some mistakes that will be made, which is fine because it is part of the growth process. However, there's an old proverb which says that a wiser man learns from the mistakes of others. Thus, it will benefit you as a student if you are able to master these 5 habits that are harmful to your life and health.

Staying Up Late

There might be times when you have to cram for your exams or work on an important project which makes staying up late justifiable. Instead of cramming, discipline yourself to work on that paper as soon as it's given to you and study while it's far from the exam date. It will have a benefit to your brain and your health.

Curb Your Sugar Intake

Sugar can spike your energy and make you hyper but it also enhances the development of your wrinkles. When you eat food with a lot of sugar, a process called glycation occurs in the body. During this process, the sugar attaches to proteins in your body which then become new molecules called advanced glycation end products, which damage the proteins that keep the skin elastic.

Rubbing Your Eyes

People often make the mistake of rubbing their eyes when they are tired. Doctors say that this habit is very harmful. The skin around your eyes is very vulnerable and fragile. Rubbing that area more often damages the collagen speeding up the formation of wrinkles in the area. Thus, instead of rubbing your tired eyes, brew two tea bags and allow them to cool. After that place them on both your eyes for 10 minutes.

Say No To Junk Food

Junk food does not only puts you on higher risk of cardiovascular diseases but it also harms your skin. Instead of junk or processed food, go for whole processed food which is high in fiber, which promotes low cholesterol, and other helpful vitamins and minerals.

Maintain Your Weight

A yo-yo diet increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Being a student and being young are not excuses for you to take care of your health. Find your healthy body weight and make sure to stick with it.

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