6 Unhealthy Habits Students Should Avoid At All Cost [VIDEO]


If there are habits that can contribute to your success, there are also bad habits that can lead to your failure. Here is a list of those unhealthy habits students should avoid at all cost.

Being too comfortable in one place long enough

If you have become too comfortable where you are right now, you should be alarmed. It is natural for people to grow and change. However, if you are not experiencing growth or change, then you are in a very dangerous place. Take time to learn something new - a skill, a habit, a talent, a book - anything that will contribute to your growth.

Delaying the decision

Making a decision makes you uncomfortable because it means change. Delaying the decision-making process, however, will make you more uncomfortable much later. In fact, this is one of the most cognitive biases called analysis paralysis. Moreover, it will not let the problem or issue go away; therefore, face it head-on and relieve yourself from future headaches.

Being Late

Time can pull you up or pull you down. If you always show up on time in every appointment you make, people will take notice. It will also influence them to show up on time once you establish that reputation. The same thing can happen when you're running late except that, it has a negative effect on you. Practice punctuality even while you're still a student so you won't have difficulty adjusting when you start working.

Not planning your time

No one says it better than Confucius when he said that if you fail to plan, you are inviting trouble at your door. Ralph Waldo Emerson agreed with that when he said that people without a plan always find themselves at the end of the line.

Can't appreciate advice

Not all advice are good advice. Moreover, you don't have to follow all the advice given to you. However, not accepting advice and being too independent are the habits of unsuccessful people. All people need the input and perspective of others to have a wider point of view. In addition to that, you can lessen your mistakes when you learn from the mistakes of others.

Lack of communication skills

Being able to communicate your thoughts in a way that others will understand it is a talent. Make sure that your listener always understands what you mean and are trying to say. The same applies to you as well when you're listening. Don't second guess because as Ellen DeGeneres once quoted, "Assume always makes an as between you and me."

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