AMD Vega 10 GPU Scores RRA Certification; Specs, Price, Performance and More!


AMD's new Vega 10 GPU, which will have the next generation graphics card by Radeon-red team, and its upcoming Polaris 12 GPU recently received their RRA certification. The Vega 10 is expected to roll out sometime in 2017.

The new AMD Vega 10 GPU is expected to have a graphics card that can go head on with rival Nvidia's GPU line-up, PC Games N reported. To bring concrete 4K gaming, the new Vega GPU aims to bring high-end Radeon graphics card with strong GTX 1080 Ti contender.

AMD Vega 10 GPU Scores RRA Certification

With that goal in mind, it is important that the new AMD Vega 10 GPU will get its RRA certification. This certification is an approval of South Korea's National Radio Research Agency given to silicon-based electronic product, Tweaktown reported. After being given this certification, the product can now be pushed in the market.

For the last few months, AMD has been teasing fans with the Radeon RX 460 that its new Polaris 12 has. According to AMD, this would be the fastest GPU for any Polaris line up.

AMD Vega 10 GPU Specs, Price, Performance

It has been confirmed that AMD will release its Vega graphics card during the first half of 2017. This means the new AMD Vega GPU is expected to come out any time close to that date.

The new AMD Vega GPU is expected to have 8GB card with next generation high bandwidth memory of HBM2. It is also expected to have the 2,048-bit memory bus with a bandwidth that goes up to 512GB/s. With all these advancements, it could be expected that fans will enjoy a Radeon RX 590 later on.

If the new AMD Vega 10 GPU will compete with the GTX 1080 Ti or the GTX Titan X, then it could be expected that it will be priced anywhere at $1,200 to $800.

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