‘Nier: Automata’ Demo Released For PS4; Seen As Best Action RPG in 2017

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Gamers can now gauge firsthand the upgrade and changes game developers had made to the original "Nier," and experience its sequel "Nier: Automata" as Squre Enix has recently released a demo of the game on PlayStation 4. Reports confirmed that the game will be officially released on March 7, 2017 with a PC release also coming within the year.

It can be recalled that the original "Nier," released in 2010 had multiple flaw issues and roundly criticized for its messy and overly difficult combat, The Verge reported. It is with those criticisms that challenged game developers to make "Nier: Automata" one of the best RPG gamers yet to experience next year.

Unlike the original "Nier," this one is developed by Bayonetta and "Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" developer Platinum Games, Game Spot has learned. Reviews made of the upcoming role playing game center on the experience of power and force specifically role playing with an android soldier named 2B with a tall and oversized sword.

The feeling of power it gives to the player when then the sword swings for heavy attack is ecstatic especially when it takes a moment before the android soldier swings the sword around. It somehow gives players the feel of the sword's weight, The Verge described.

The demo is a 4.4GB download and moves the setting forward a few thousand years, sending elite android 2B to save a post-apocalyptic version of Earth from an onslaught of mechanized alien forces. Reviewed noted that the demo did not give much away story wise and somehow retained the old world experience as brief snippets of dialogue can be heard.

It also deviates slightly in the role playing aspect of the game like skills and gear upgrades instead the game is focused on the action itself. With that, it definitely confirms that "Nier: Automata" could well end up with the hands of players who loved an action-packed game.

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