HTC 'For U' could be The Big and Global Announcement You've All been Waiting for


HTC plans to hold an event called 'For U' next year but giving no further detail about the time and place. The tech geeks have gathered valuable information and come up with reasonable assumptions on what it is to come!

HTC 'For U' Announcement

On Dec. 20, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer announced that it will hold an event on Jan. 12, 2017. However, there is no further information about where it will take place or what time the event will start.

It quickly receives huge attentions from the tech crowds as many of them assume that it will be about HTC 11 unveiling.

Another exciting report claims that it will also be a global launch for the new device. The ultimate HTC 11 has been rumored for months and if 'For U' has anything to do with the new flagship iteration, HTC could be using a different name, according to MobilesPlease.

It can also be assumed that the event might have something to do with a launching of a new device in the United States. It this turns out to be right, it would be a surprise to see HTC 11 coming to global market as analyst claimed that the handset won't make it to US due to the lack of resources and services, WccFtech reported.

What's making HTC 'For U' interesting is the fact that HTC prefers to hold its own event instead of taking advantage of the CES 2017 - an inevitably big consumer electronics exhibition that will draw huge attention from tech consumers.

HTC 11 Specifications

HTC 11 is speculated to be a VR smartphone rocking 8 GB RAM and Snapdragn 835. The premium handset will pack 3,700 mAh battery and 256 GB internal storage. HTC 10 costs $699 and it is expected that HTC 11 will be rolled out with similar pricepoint. 

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