‘Westworld' IRL: Love Robots Coming As Early As Next Year


Popular HBO drama "Westworld" may not be as far in the future as initially thought. It is believed that love robots may be available as early as next year.

BBC reported that RealDolls, a firm based in California that creates lifelike adult toys, has announced its plans to release an artificial intelligence-enhanced sex doll next year. It will prove to be quite controversial if it does push through.

It was noted that the second Love and Sex with Robots conference has recently concluded last Dec. 20. The event faced a bit of a challenge when the Malaysian government, where it was supposed to be held, prohibited it. It was relocated to Goldsmiths University in London.

Dr. David Levy, who is a known believer of the possibility of intimacy between humans and robots, delivered the event's closing speech. He said that, since we now have companion robots, it would be logical to continue the trend and create a partner robot.

Dr. Levy added that it is perfectly possible that, in the next 10 years, people would be able to make the spouse of their dreams with the latest robot software. Some, who actually enjoy the roller coaster of a tumultuous relationship, can also marry an aggressive robot; it's all up to the person's preference.

According to Geek, Levy has predicted that humans will be able to marry robots before the year 2050. He added that this will happen when robots finally become human-like enough and socially-appealing enough to be companions.

The publication noted that it actually seems possible at the rate that today's robotics and artificial intelligence technology is going. Matt McMullen, who owns Abyss Creations - maker of RealDolls, admitted that their goal is to help humans make a deeper connection with robots through "user-customizable artificial intelligence" which can be used to give robots unique personalities.

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