'Generation KKK' New Documentary Series Aims To Put A Stop To Racial Hatred In America [Video]


A&E's announcement of launching a new documentary series called "Generation KKK" has sparked more outrage than what it aims to uncover and put a stop to.

"Generation KKK" is supposed to be an eight-part documentary series that is more like a reality TV format based on previews. The show follows members of the group and their family members who want nothing of the Klan. The new series ignited immediate backlash for the network with many reacting that the show promotes normalizing the hate group, LA Times reported.

Some see "Generation KKK" as an interesting insider look at the most notorious and oldest hate group in the United States. Nonetheless, others see the program as giving a platform for a vile group that has targeted people of color for decades that even endorsed Donald Trump for president in the last elections.

According to A&E, "Generation KKK" does not intend to normalize the Ku Klux Klan and its racist stance nor be a platform for KKK views. Rob Sharenow, A&E general manager says the only political agenda of the show is to show that they really do stand against hate, reported The New York Times.

However, that did not stop private individuals to call for a boycott of "Generation KKK" and A&E, as well as conduct an online petition demanding for the cancellation of the series. As of this writing, the online petition aimed at The Walt Disney Company, ABC, and has already garnered 3,177 supporters of its goal of 5,000.

Other reports say that the aim of the A&E reality/documentary show might have a noble aim. However, according to practice, they say "Generation KKK" is reprehensible and gives a sordid excuse that it normalizes a group that perpetuates hate and supremacist beliefs, that only deserves to be vilified.

Accordingly, "Generation KKK" also follow a network of peace and anti-hate activists who are working to convince KKK members to leave the hate group in the hope of breaking the cycle. "Generation KKK" premieres on Jan. 10 at 10 p.m/9c on A&E.

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