‘Halo Wars’ News & Update: Strategy Game Now In PC; Purchasing “Halo Wars 2: Ultimate ” Gets “Halo Wars: Definitive Edition”


Finally, Ensemble and Microsoft Studios are heeding fans' call of putting up the real time strategy video game "Halo Wars" now playable in PC's.  Reviews about it are positive regarding its control system as it gives the same experience as playing it in Xbox.

The default mapping of WASD keys for map control, Q and E for local and global unit selection, and R and F for special attacks are solid for basic war-commanding when paired with a mouse, Ars Technica reported. The source added that with the mouse wheel, picking through individual unit types in larger troop selection, works well, while the Z, X, and C keys lets one auto-warp on the map to spots of interest.

However, reports added that the PC version posts some major control issues specifically on special attacks, such as the Covenant's amiable cleansing laser, which were clearly designed with joystick motions and directional pushes in mind. So far, the PC version gathered positive feedbacks from gamers rating their experiences as a good play. Reports emphasized that those gamers looking for a local split-screen will come away disappointed, as the competitive and co-op modes are exclusively to online play only.

Meanwhile, good news are bursting for this real time strategy videogame as people who digitally ordered 'Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition" will also be getting codes for the Definitive Edition of the original game. A double treat indeed for this holiday season, MS Power User has learned.  

Since both games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles, the redemption codes will work on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, the source added. Definitive Edition of the game, however, is still incomplete technically as it is waiting for a complete launch on February 16, 2017.

It is worth noting that this is the first time the game will be playable on PC regardless of what version it may have, this is apparently an overdue request that Microsoft Studios has finally granted its "Halo Wars" fans.  

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