Tech Career: Making the Move To A Tech-Oriented Career; What Do You Need To Do To Succeed? [Video]


A tech career does not only open doors to greater career opportunities, but also provide challenges and stimulation with a pay that belongs to the top bracket. Though having a tech career may be rewarding not only in terms of mental stimulation, but also monetary-wise, the job requires dedication and a lot of hard work.

Many millennials are now making that crucial shift in jumping onboard a tech career by enrolling and gaining useful and in-demand technical skills to help them seek better employment. Contrary to popular belief, a person need not have a four-year degree in Computer Science to have a tech career.

Tech Career Learned In School

Schools like the General Assembly (GA), a design, data, marketing and technology school offer courses on technical skills for those who wish to have a tech career and reap its rewards. In fact, GA data indicates that there is now a substantial number of people desiring to make the move to a tech-oriented job, many of them have college degrees and with previous work experiences.

The figures reveal that a good 60 percent of enrollees have undergraduate degrees, 14.3 percent have graduate degrees, and 0.5% with Ph.D according to Forbes. A person with a non-tech background can get new skills though short courses in web design, web development, or WordPress development in just three months at a price equaling a tiny fraction of how much a person spends for college degree.

Tech Career Outside The Classroom

Technical skills can be learned through on-the-job trainings, which are now done informally by simply observing, interacting with co-workers and working hands-on on various projects, Mashable has learned. In fact, many employers now go through universities on the lookout for trainable people that have good learning skills.

A tech career may start with an entry-level position, which can be a pivotal launching ground to learn new skills particularly tech-specific ones. This story is common in many people now successfully working in Silicon Valley with median salaries fetching from $61,000 to $127,000 dollars.

Tech Career Requires Hard Work

Even persons with a successful tech career like Vanessa Alvarez, Microsoft's Senior Product Marketing Manager and Huffington Post's Top Women in Cloud Computing, revealed that she is always on the lookout to reinvent herself. She also ensures to be on top of latest news and innovations regarding her particular industry so that she could continue to learn.

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