HTC Bolt vs HTC 10: Are there a lot of Differences?


Ever since HTC Bolt got released to the public, it drew a lot of comparisons to its predecessor, the HTC 10. It is worth nothing that there are several major changes that HTC implemented into its latest smartphone model.

According to Phone Arena, there is no headphone jack present in the HTC Bolt so users will have to rely on the USB 2.0 Type-C jack in order to listen to music. This means that it can be compatible with the latest speaker models.

Another noticeable difference is the HTC Bolt can be dunked underwater up to 1 meter which can't possibly happen to the HTC 10. The HTC 10 can survive if it gets accidentally splashed with water but it can't get submerged underwater.

One feature users always look at whenever looking at a smartphone is the quality of the camera and HTC 10 has a 12 MP camera at the back and a 5 MP camera at the front. Meanwhile, the HTC Bolt, according to Android Central, has a 16MP camera at the back and an 8 MP camera at the front.

Both mobile phones get updates as HTC normally gives updates 3 months after the launch of its smartphones. The HTC 10 will be rolling out a Nougat update this month while HTC Bolt owners will be able to enjoy the new Android 7.0 Nougat from the day they bought the phone.

The battery life is always a concern for people who are looking to buy a new smartphone. The HTC Bolt has a larger battery compared to the HTC 10 which is good news. It has a 3200mAh compared to the 3000mAh of the HTC 10. HTC 10 is not known for its battery life so there is hope the HTC Bolt will be with its large battery.

Check out this video about the amazing features of the HTC Bolt:

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