'Final Fantasy 7: Remake' Update: Square Enix Working On 'FF 7 Remake'; Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary To Be Announced Soon [RUMOR]


Square Enix is taking some revamp to finish off development for the role-playing game "Final Fantasy 7: Remake". The developer has just confirmed that Kyohei Suzuki will be teaming up with Tetsuya Nomura for the final development of the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake."

According to Attack of the Fan Boy, Kyohei Suzuki has been recalled by the developer to work on the title as a game director.

Japanese website Inside-Games has also learned this story when the Human Academy held a tour for students to see the Square Enix headquarters. During that educational tour, Kyohei Suzuki held a short meeting with those students, explaining his job with Square Enix.

The most intriguing part of the meeting is that Suzuki admitted to the students that he is currently working as a game director for the "Final Fantasy 7: Remake."

Unfortunately, Square Enix has not announced any update yet. The role-playing game has been announced to be released in multiple full-sized games similar to its predecessor, the Final Fantasy 13.

Kyohei Suzuki is a part of the company's Business Division 4. Suzuki has been working on Kingdom Hearts Re: Code and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Square Enix's Business Division 4, which include Suzuki, is the one responsible for the two Final Fantasy games on PSP.

Square Enix has made some tough decision recently when it outsourced the workload of Final Fantasy 15 for its development. By doing this, the game has managed to get an early release date and received positive reviews from critics.

However, there are some reports that came out recently that suggest that Square Enix has made some rushed production in the game leading to its early release in the market. Fans have reportedly noticed some deficiency in the game.

The "Final Fantasy 7: Remake" will be a hugely daunting task for the developer since it will be released in multiple parts. Many people are expecting the first part of the game to be out this 2017, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the game.

In addition to the "FF7 Remake" development, Square Enix is also planning on announcing their celebration plans for the Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary, according to Gamezone.

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