5 Things To Do During Winter Break

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Winter break comes as a rest for the tiring semester. Most students work so hard to do well in college that winter breaks and Christmas vacations are often treated as time to just loaf around. And with the freezing cold outside the house, it just is tempting to stay indoors and kill time on Netflix or the internet, right?

But of course, wasting the winter break would really be a waste, so why not try and find something worthwhile and fun to do? You get to make great memories too.

"Contrary to the joy and jubilation with the long recess, the days you once looked forward to can become mundane within a week or two," says Uloop. "The question of what you can do during winter break looms over your head."

Looking for something to do during the Christmas break? Here are some things you can do, according to the internet.

Spend Time with Family

Seriously. This may not sound like it's something spectacular but when the you go back to college you'll miss them. Take some time to bond with your family, says Zen College Life.


Why not do something that would both be fun and meaningful? Volunteer yourself to help in homeless shelters, animal shelters, or even to just helping that elderly neighbor clean her yard. Not only do you get to help people, you also get the opportunity to feel accomplished even in the little things.

Enjoy the cold weather

Do you live near snow? Make snowmen or other figures. Engage others in a snowball fight. Have fun ice skating with friends and family. Just make sure to keep yourself warm by wearing the right clothes, notes this website.

Start a New Hobby

You'll have a lot of spare time during the break so why not try a new hobby? Learn to play a musical instrument, create paintings, or even make your own short film based on anything you like. The possibilities are endless.

Get Enough Rest

With all the busyness of college life, you'll need to rest and recover from it all. You can pretty much do anything good this winter break, but with all the excitement that snow activities and other things might bring, don't forget to rest up and feel ready when classes start again.

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