How Excessive Intake Of 'Good' Nutrients Can Affect The Body


We all know that too much of any nutrient, even if it's generally useful to the body, is a bad thing. Many however, may be unaware of exactly how each nutrient affects our body when consumed in excess. The five nutrients below are mostly difficult to over-ingest through food alone. The addition of supplements is the true risk factor.

Omega-3 Fatty acids, when taken at the right dose, have been linked to healthier skin, improved brain function, and a reduction in heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression, Yahoo Health reported. Yet, an over-saturation of these healthy fats can compromise the body's immune system, according to new research published by Oregon State in October. Given the popularity of fish oil supplements and the like, doctors and researchers caution Omega-3 worshippers to monitor their daily intake.

Iron's primary gain to human health is energy and protein building. Once in the body, the nutrient is mostly immune to excretion, and can accumulate in organs such as the liver and heart for detrimental effects. A disease called hemochromatosis, which affects 1 in 250 people of northern European descent, represents a condition in which a person absorbs harmful levels of iron, according to Yahoo. Symptoms include join pain, abdominal pain, and a darkening or "bronzing" of the skin. The disease also reverses the natural effects of iron, causing sufferers to feel fatigued. Men and women over 50 are most at risk of over consuming iron.

Calcium is one of the least likely nutrients on which to "overdose," but its effects are nonetheless dangerous when consumed out of proportion. Over indulging in Calcium from food is difficult, but women, influenced by campaigns against osteoporosis, may tax their systems (via kidney stones and constipation, among others) if they too fastidiously prescribe to supplements in combination with calcium-enriched foods like orange juice, cereal, and milk, Yahoo reported.

Yahoo health also covered the effects of excess Zinc and Vitamin C. Like Omega-3 fatty acids, too much Zinc can affect the immune system as well as raise cholesterol levels. For anyone who's grabbed their stomach at the sight of Orange Juice, they'll know that too many servings of Vitamin C can cause bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.  

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