‘Super Mario Run’ Will Soon Be Available For Android Users; Super Mario Run Spotted In Google Play Store


Nintendo has finally published the "Super Mario Run" for smartphone but is only exclusive to iOS only. However, due to some downsides of having the published in mobile, let alone the iOS, there are rumors that the game will also be available for Android users.

Despite the popularity of the game "Super Mario Run" as well as its large number of downloads, the game got poor review because of the $10 fee to play the first three levels although the download is free. Another shocking reason for the poor review is because the game is not fun to play at all. According to an Analyst at ACE Research Institute, Hideki Yasuda, the players must expected to high and so when they found out that the game isn't fun, they wrote to App Store expressing their dismay over the game.

On the other hand, rumor is rife that the game "Super Mario Run" will also be available on Android. After the game was released, a clone of the popular Nintendo game has been spotted at the play store and there are even some applications promising everyone that they are going to have the game available soon.

Nintendo is known to be a meticulous company but since avid Nintendo games players have been waiting for game developments for mobile phones, the company just gave in carefully choosing the iOS to carry the game. Just like Nintendo, Apple have shown how careful and meticulous they are but now that players are looking forward to Android compatibility of the said game, will Nintendo "Super Mario Run" also come out on Android?

Android users have more reason to rejoice this Holiday season because, Nintendo has plans to release "Super Mario Run" for Android. In statement, Nintendo expressed their intention to release the game in Android in the future, Forbes reported.

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