Xbox Two Update: 4K VR-Enabled At Console-Price & Other Rumors; Why Microsoft Is Delaying Its Release? [Video]


The Xbox Two is eagerly anticipated by avid gamers because of its key features of enabling native 4K Virtual Reality (VR) functionalities at a rumored console-price. Moreover, Microsoft is not showing any indication of rushing the new console since it is toggling between enabling the latest technology equalling PC capabilities, while ensuring that price is kept at console point.

The latest Xbox Two rumors reiterate what is widely known about the key specs and features of Microsoft's newest console. Below is a compilation of what fans can expect regarding the features, price, hardware and latest Xbox 2 updates.

Xbox Two Key Features

The Xbox Two will have the motion-sensors and touch-screen VR, running on 6 TFLOPs of GPU performance and fully enabled with native 4K ultra HD, a feature that is still unparalleled by the PS4. Moreover, the Xbox 2 will have the AMD Zen CPU and Vega CPU hardware to achieve the 4K high performance gaming.

Xbox Two Rumored Price

Microsoft's Phil Spencer already hinted that the Xbox 2 will not be directly competing with the PC and would still get a console-price, the Express reported. Rumor has it that Project Scorpio will be between $399 to $499 dollars.

Xbox Two Hardware

Microsoft has already acquired Illumiroom, a proof-of-concept projector system that can augment the area surrounding the TV to reflect what's being seen on the console. This hardware akin to the Surround Sound only in visual form may befeatured in the Xbox Two according to Tech Radar.

However, Microsoft claimed that the hardware is too costly for mass production in Xbox One. To have it in Xbox 2 may push the price higher, an impractical move for Microsoft right now especially with the delayed arrival of the console.

Xbox Two Latest Update

The Xbox Two may have a similar interface with Steam, putting the games first so as not to confuse the customers. Microsoft values the importance of having a system that has a more Indie appeal and mod-friendly focus.

Moreover, the Xbox 2 will also follow the PC's approach of having more swappable parts. There is also the speculation that Microsoft may soon develop an online only console following the success of "Destiny" as an online only game.

Microsoft may be tempted to release the Xbox Two by 2017, though it may not altogether abandoned upgrades to its predecessor. The only logical reason why Microsoft seems to be delaying project Scorpio is to wait for new technologies to become cheaper so as not to push the price higher to PC price instead of sticking to a console price.

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