Xbox Two News: Xbox One Scorpio Supports 4K And VR Gaming, Christmas 2017 Release; Scorpio Ends Traditional Console Upgrades?


The Xbox Two will feature the latest gaming technology with 4K gaming and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities that Xbox boss says will arrive on Christmas 2017. Moreover, Xbox One Scorpio veers away from traditional console lifecycles that may not need any upgrades since games can be played across various platforms.

As of the latest October tweet by Spencer, the team is making "amazing progress," indicating that a Christmas 2017 release date for the Xbox One Scorpio may happen. In fact, Spencer himself targets the holidays next year for Xbox Two release so as to give a heads up to consumers who are eyeing a new console and also to developers who may want to create games for the newest platform.

The Xbox Two is rumored to give graphics running at 60Hz, provide a smooth gameplay, and enable syncing to refresh the rate of the TV, but rumors say that these may not work for 4K gaming. Nonetheless, a six teraflops graphical performance for the Xbox One Scorpio will optimize the gameplay and paved the way for VR gaming.

Just a little more than a year away, Xbox Two will be hitting the market and providing the latest technology for an optimal and even immersive gaming experience. Though Xbox boss Phil Spencer is not completely won over by VR, there is a high possibility that the Xbox One Project Scorpio will add VR capabilities.

The Xbox One Scorpio will also utilize AMD chips, known for its high performance semi-custom System-on-Chips (SoCs) that will enable new technologies like HDR, 4K and high fidelity VR for a truly immersive VR gaming experience according to Trusted Reviews. The only drawback to a VR-Capable Xbox Two is that consumers will have to pay more for a VR headset will not be sold as part of the Xbox Two bundle.

The Xbox Two is estimated to cost from $440 to $630 dollars, depending on just how much will be spent to complete the console. The VR Headset, which is more likely the Oculus Rift over the HTC Vive, will cost an additional $690 dollars.

Evidently, the Xbox Two is an ambitious and innovative console that will do away with traditional console upgrades. This means that console owners can now use their devices for years since games will work in various platforms according to PC Advisor.

This makes the Xbox One Scorpio more cost-efficient in the long run. Moreover, the Xbox Two is designed to be a "premium" console targeting high-end consumers who have the means and are more inclined to choose a console with the best features.

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