Ace Your Performance Review: Here Are Powerful Ways To Achieve It


The yearly performance review is a ritual that both parties don't really love to go through, both the boss and the employees alike. It's time consuming and tedious for the managers and an event dreaded by most employees. However, you don't always have to feel anxious every time there's an upcoming performance review for there are a variety of ways to set yourself up this one.

Know what to expect

If this is your first time to have a performance review in your company, get yourself ready by taking time to be familiar of the review process. You can go through your employee manual or ask your HR representative. You can also reach out to your supervisor and colleagues who have been through the process already.

Have an open mind

You have to be ready with the things that your manager is going to share with you and understand that they may have a different opinion about you. Be receptive about their feedback regardless if they are positive or negative. At the end of the day, these are all going to be constructive criticisms that can be useful for you to be a better employee.

Imagine that you are going through a job interview

This means that you should have the same confidence you had when you were being interviewed for a job. It also applies to the way you dress up. Look professional and pay attention to your wardrobe.

Discuss your contributions but keep it cordial

Your review is a chance for you to share how much you have accomplished and contributed to the success of the company. This is also a chance for you to let your boss see that you are aware and acknowledge the things you can still do better. This way, they will see that you are also self-aware of your areas of improvement and that you still give room for growth and that's a positive thing.

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