'Limitless' Season 2: Thumbed Down For Renewal, Fans File Petition For Series To Return [Video]

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Last May, Craig Sweeney announced that "Limitless" would not continue on any platform, however, fans of the film reboot are not giving up on the series.

Producers of "Limitless" were still trying to find a new home for "Limitless" Season 2 as CBS president Glenn Geller addressed reporters regarding the show's fate. However, showrunner Sweeney already took to Twitter ahead of any report coming out.

Various sources say that CBS Television Studios offered "Limitless" to Netflix and Amazon for either of the two companies to pick up the series for a second season. However, both video streaming companies turned it down, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Due to the complex nature of the series, Netflix decided not to take a chance and pass up "Limitless" Season 2. The same pitch was offered to Amazon; however, Amazon was also not sure of the viability of the show.

One factor that seems to turn Netflix and Amazon off from picking up "Limitless" Season 2, aside from its complex nature is the controversial storyline brought forth in the of drug NZT. This could be a plausible reason to shy away from the series had it not suffered a downslide in its ratings before the Season 1 ended.

Meanwhile, fans of the series will not take matters sitting down. Initially, they demanded Amazon to pick up the series when Netflix refused to pick up "Limitless" Season 2. When that did not work, they started an online petition to demand that the dramedy is brought back on air.

The petition with a goal of 40,000 is targeted at CBS. As of this writing, the petition has already garnered 39,361 supporters, only 639 shy of its goal. However, should the petition reach its target, there is no assurance CBS will pick up "Limitless" Season 2 to be renewed and be put back on the air.

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