Tesla Update: Troubled Rival Releases Video That Smokes Tesla Model X In A Drag Race, Will Rival Beat Tesla In Real Road Race? [Video]


Tesla has another competitor coming next year, but this one is no longer a stranger for Tesla. Tesla has already seen it last year, but today, it's getting more aggressive, pushing out teaser after teaser in the run-up to the debut of its first electric vehicle.

Faraday Future, the stealthy California-based electric vehicle startup, has released teaser video (warning spoiler alert!) this week, building anticipation for the planned debut next month. But unlike last year's teaser video this one is new, it suggests that its upcoming electric SUV model can beat Tesla's Model X in a drag race, all with great ease.

Faraday Future's latest entry appears to be an SUV-type model. The rumored EV is likely to be a high-end luxury vehicle and might be aiming to compete with the Tesla Model X.

Faraday Future has always wanted to prove a point on that newly released Youtube teaser video, as it lined up three iconic vehicles: the luxurious Bentley Bentayga, the faster Ferrari 488 GTB, and last, the Tesla Model X P100D. The Faraday Future production team has made a very nice work in that video, as it appears to beat all three vehicles in that video, which it called, Faraday Future vs. the world.

Naturally, the video is edited, no doubt about that, and features Faraday Future beating the competition with impressive ease.

But Faraday has something that it has not mentioned in their videos and press events, and it's very serious, one that could end its dream of producing a real Tesla competitor.

Faraday can't beat Tesla because its dying slowly
According to Autoblog, there's been a lot of negative financial news about the stealthy Chinese EV startup recently, so expect its production getting a delay in the market. Faraday's current financial status suggest that the company's hyped production vehicle debut for CES in January might be put on hold.

Faraday Future's financial status have also impacted the company's construction work on its planned manufacturing building in Nevada. The planned factory has been put on hold in November because of some payment issue with AECOM, the firm in charge of the project.

The unstable financial status has reportedly rocked the startup and threaten the production line. Some employees have resigned while other auto suppliers decided to cut ties. Getting work started has become a real challenge for the startup because most of its suppliers routinely put orders on hold due to some late or missed payment issues.

There's some scenario that Faraday's funds were lower than what the company really needed to cover operational costs, manpower payment and commitments to suppliers," according to a former employee during its interview with Buzzfeed.

Faraday Future is set to unveil its still unnamed EV at the upcoming 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Powertrain Testing: FF Prototype v. Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari 488 GTB, Tesla Model X P100D

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