Abortion doesn't Affect Women's Mental Health or Put Them at Depression Risk; New Study Challenges Legislation?


A new study found that abortion does not link to depression or anxiety. This finding weakens the previous claims that suggested women who undergo abortion procedure are at risk of mental health problems.

Abortion and Women's Mental Health

A research conducted by scientists at University of California has shown that there is an inaccurate evidence in relation to women's mental health and abortion.

According to lead author, Antonia Biggs, unwanted pregnancy is a stressful event for women and being denied an abortion is the leading cause of anxiety and even low self esteem, NYTimes reported.

Biggs and her team have gone through piles of scientific studies and found no evidence that abortion has a negative impact on women's psychological health.

Abortion and Women's Mental Health - A 5-Year Study

The study that went for five years - recorded 1,000 women from 30 US facilities as participants. The report tracked 413 abortions in two weeks of facility's limit, 273 abortions in first trimester and 231 women who could not undergo the procedure due to the facility's gestational limit.

After the date is compared, women who underwent the procedure found no anxiety or depression symptoms whilst those who did not, have increased their risk of developing mental health problems, TheDailyBeast has learned.

Another interesting finding of this study is the fact that after six months, these women well-beings have reportedly recovered. Meaning, there is no long term effects on their mental health whether the abortion is denied or not.

Biggs goes on to say that the study result was a surprise as the scientists expected long-term negative impacts. According to the researcher, this condition could also mean that women have managed to overcome their circumstances very well.  

The result should also challenge legislation that claims abortion as an alarming condition and have to be restricted for the sake of women's mental health.

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