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Aging Gracefully: Science-Backed Simple Activities to Live Longer; 'Talking to Stranger' is Included!


As we grow older, we may think to limit our movements but researchers suggest that being active is the key to aging gracefully.

Living longer science: Don't be lazy and climb!

It is so easy to choose elevators from climbing stairs. However, according to Professor William J. Hall from University of Rochester Medical Center, climbing stairs is an 'all purpose' exercise that combines balance, strength and aerobic - necessary to promote physical health in elderly.

Researcher includes walk and talk in simple activities for aging gracefully

Hall lists another simple activity everyone can do to live longer. That is, walk and talk. Walking is one of the easiest and the best exercise. When you walk in the park and meet other people you may not know yet, you can be engaged in casual conversation that boosts happiness level. CBC shared a research on small talk that claimed casual interactions can uplift moods.

Another simple activity to aging gracefully: Mow the lawn!

Gardening activities such as cutting grasses or planting flowers combine several physical movements. It promotes flexibility of your joints. Plus, you get a fresh air outside that's good for your body. NHS Choices lists mowing the lawn as one of the moderate intensity aerobic activities to aging gracefully. It also recommends doing it at least 30 minutes, five days a week.

Another study by Rochester University scientist explained how being connected to nature will get you more energized than a cup of coffee can do, Huffington Post reported.

One thing to consider, researchers advice not to perform any heavy lifting activity, and apply sunscreen lotion for UV protection.

The exercises for living longer and aging gracefully

Swimming is considered as the best exercise for older adults, and in fact for any age. Researchers at University of Western Sydney claims that swimming produces coordinated movement for 'upper and lower extremities' while promoting good balance control, Live Science wrote.

While keeping yourself physically active, it's important to be socially engaged and free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Do you have any other tips for aging gracefully and live longer?

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