Windows 10 Update Problem Fixed, Internet Connectivity Back


European online users were at frenzy when they were shockingly booted offline, recently, that led to the conjecture of Microsoft's apparent update to Windows 10, last week. Reports claimed that this is not the first time these kinds of mistakes occur but seemingly becoming a perennial problem of Microsoft whenever Windows 10 is updated.

It is not clear, however, whether the problem was isolated to Europe only. Microsoft has already released a new patch KB3206632 that is believed might have fixed the issue, however, patches released to solve issues like the recent breakdown of internet connectivity also potentially hit Linux and Apple users as well, Extreme Tech reported.

It was learned that the patch include a note, which seems to indicate a fix in the crashed CDPSV (Connected Devices Platform Service) that could led to the machine not being able to acquire an IP address.

It can be noted that the update is believed to have been part of cumulative update KB 3201845, which was released on December 9, Extreme Tech has learned. After it was released, multiple European users reportedly being kicked offline.

The source also reported that in the past 12 months, multiple updates of Windows 10 have been made that has equally provided numerous issues too like bricked systems, broke Internet connectivity, random crashes when USB devices were plugged into the system, and malware-like activity in its Get Windows 10 campaign.

It is believed that the recent update has caused Windows 10's ability to configure DHCP (Dynamic Host Communication Protocol), a protocol that distributes network configuration data to all the relevant devices on the network and handles automatically assigning IP addresses.

Several European internet service providers (ISPs) have already highlighted the problem, BBC added. Meanwhile, Microsoft has offered guidance to those experiencing difficulties, advising customers using Windows 10 to restart their PC's and recommending them to visit their website should the problem continue to occur.

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