6 Things You Can't Change Even If Change Is Constant, So Stop Trying


It's often been said that change is inevitable and that you can change the world around you. While it is true, it is also a fact that there are things you cannot change no matter how hard you try. So what do you do? Just let the turn of events run its course and focus on what you can change. Here are the 6 things you cannot change no matter how hard you try.

You cannot change the world

You can help change someone's life but you can never change the world. If you are honest about yourself, this is an impossible feat. Yes there are those people who have made a mark in this world but if you look at the ratio between them and those who do not, the gap is very hugely big. It's even a chasm you cannot cross.

You can't live forever

YOLO is true just in case that hasn't sunk in. Thus, there's no use being too hard on yourself and working yourself to death. Ease up and leave more room for other things that will enhance your life other than working.

You cannot change the past

YOLO is true and what has been lost can't be replaced. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules but that is limited to the tangible things, like you can change an old car or change a new partner. However, the intangibles, such as lost opportunities and memories, cannot be undone. The fact is, there is no rewind button in life.

You cannot change where you came from

There are people who were born to a life of privilege and there are those who were not. Although you cannot change your past, you can surely control where you are going. You might just have to work a little harder than others but your hard work will definitely pay off.

You cannot be someone else

If you have been working yourself to death so you could keep up with the Joneses, forget it. You'll never be someone else. Competition is good if it is healthy but if you compete just so you want to show you're better than others, you'll be working yourself to death. Instead, focus on what else you can improve in yourself.

In the same manner, there is also no use holding a grudge against someone. Why punish yourself with unwarranted pain when the object of that pain doesn't even care or, worse, doesn't even know.

You can't make everyone happy

This is another misconception that people have been trying to make themselves believe. No matter how you conduct yourself properly, morally, and ethically, there will always be people who will criticize you. So let it be and just live.

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