iPad Mini 5 News And Update: What Makes The iPad Mini Standout? iPad Mini 5 Has Foldable Display


Now that the iPad Mini 5 is expected to launch on March 2017, consumers are eager to know what can be expected from the new Apple gadget. Will it surpass the specs and features of the past iPads and what are the additional features if there are any? 

The iPad Mini 5 is expected to boast a most powerful specs surpassing the previous generation of iPads. The 7.9-inch Retina display tablet will be called iPad Mini Pro rather than simply iPad Mini 5 with specs similar to the iPad Air 3 but will be smaller and thinner (only 5mm thick) than the previous generation of iPad Mini.

The fact that the iPad Mini 2 is still on sale and the iPad Mini 4 is only one year ahead, there must be something more interesting for this tablet to hit. Check out the possible features that will probably make the iPad Mini 5 stand out among the rest of iPad Minis.

Foldable Display

This may sound absurd but there were reports about Apple working on a patent for a foldable display. So, if there weren't any iPhones came out having a foldable display, then it is safe to assume that, Apple could have it applied to the iPad Mini 5. It is also important to note that in order to achieve the foldable display design, the iPad must have an OLED display. Sounds good.

7000 Aluminum Chassis

For the iPad Mini 5 to be durable, it must come with a 7000 aluminum chassis like the iPhone 6 and 6S Plus. There goes the reason why the tablet to have a thinner design.

Bigger Storage

Unlike any other iPad Minis, the iPad Mini 5 will come with 64GB and 128GB of storage which will perfectly compliment the additional features of the device.

Rose Gold will be added to the color options while the fingerprint scanner stays as it is.

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