AMD’s Ryzen CPU: Impressive Performance In 4K Gaming And Video Editing Demo; Price Cheaper Than Intel’s Enthusiast Desktop? [Video]


AMD gives its CPU a new name, Ryzen, which performed impressively in 4K gaming and video editing demo running at 3.0 GHZ, but now AMD is revealing a Ryzen CPU with a clock speed of 3.4GHz to further boost its performance. AMD has not given any information on the price of AMD's Ryzen CPU, but the mobile chipmaker may introduce a much lower price tag than Intel's i7-6900K at $1300 dollars, enabling the CPU market to be more competitive in the process.

AMD's Ryzen CPU may start shipping by first quarter of 2017, but consumers were given a preview of what Ryzen can do in an actual demo during a press event prior to the AMD New Horizon Event. AMD's Ryzen CPU was tested in 4K gaming and video editing, which required heavy GPU use and a substantial performance from the CPU.

Observers were impressed with AMD's Ryzen CPU with a clock speed of 3.0GHz, but now AMD is boasting of a Ryzen CPU with a clock speed of 3.4GHz, a marked 400MHz improvement without any boost and providing maximum performance as reported by Forbes. Though AMD's clock speed is still not as good as the quad-core i7-6700K base clock of 4GHz, it is by far faster than Intel's 8C/16T Broadwell-E processors with only a 3.2GHz base clock.

True that a CPU's performance cannot be measured by clock speed alone, but what the AMD's Ryzen CPU can accomplish already reveals much of its potential as a worthy competitor of Intel. Moreover, AMD is continuously improving the efficiency of its CPU, having plenty of untapped processing power to work on according to Ars Technica.

AMD has also shown a very heavy CPU ray racing demo, testing real world performance of the CPU in apps that users are often using. Real world performance tells a clearer story than benchmarking can although a third party benchmarker still offer valuable insights to hardware specs and capabilities.

What is more essential is that the AMD Ryzen CPU may actually make the CPU market more robust now that Intel has a worthy competitor. Though there are no official confirmation of release date and price, rumors say that AMD may opt to retail the Ryzen CPU at a much lower cost than Intel's steep premium for its enthusiast desktop.

Intel's i7-6900K processor can cost within the range of $1,250 to $1,320 dollars. If AMD decides to retail its Ryzen CPU much lower than that, then it is certain that it will have a bestseller in its hands.

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