Tips On How To Properly Use PS4 System [VIDEO]


The PlayStation 4 has become of the best consoles in the video game market today and many fans and gamers have purchased this system since day one. Some have preserved their console system until now with their knowledge of how to keep it properly used, but there are still others who do not know. Here are some tips on how to properly use the latest console system of Sony.

Buy a stand if there is a lot of commotion in the house

According to Kotaku, the PS4 console system can stand on its own, but it can be easily be toppled down by just a soft touch. For those who have a lot of people working around the house, they must purchase a stand to get the console system steady when they prefer it standing vertically.

Careful with the HDMI jack

Mostly, the PS4s do not have any problems at all when it comes to its performance. The owners are just reminded that the HDMI jack can be raised if the cable was not carefully inserted. Sony's customer service will fix that for them, but they should be careful nonetheless.

Connect online

To get the latest updates for the PS4, it is recommended to always go online unless Sony warns the owners of an issue of the latest update. With the online feature, they can gain access to many social media features, multiplayer gameplay, and other online features.

Dim the controller lights

If the owners want to conserve the battery life of their dual shock controllers, it is best that they lower the LCD lights. It dramatically extends the life of the battery and it can stay on for a longer while.

Get sleeves for the PS4

According to the official forums of PlayStation, there is no way to clean the insides of the PS4 without voiding the warranty. Only professional technicians are allowed to thoroughly clean the console system to preserve its warranty. For those who are really worried, they can purchase a sleeve that they can put on the PS4 if it is not in use.

Check out the PS4 Instant Expert video below:

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